As an investigative reporter, I work to expose injustice and hold the powerful to account. If you have a tip or lead, send me a message below.

Briefly lay out the problem and your relationship to it. Be sure to tell me what kinds of documents, videos, photos, recordings, communications, or other corroborating evidence you might have. The more, the better. 

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One way to do this is by contacting me with a message that's encrypted with my my PGP  key. Here's my PGP Fingerprint: D8A1 8C5B 14BB 7B5F 2D34  F5FC 33D2 CEC2 0A49 FC93. If you're not sure how to do that, here's a helpful explainer.  Alternatively, you can contact me via the app Signal, upon request, or send me hard mail to this address:

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I learned from the best and operate under the highest editorial standards. For each story, I spend months reporting on the ground, developing sources, wrangling data and documents, going far beyond mere scoops, to capture patterns, context, complexity, and history. You can explore my work—and the impact it's had—here

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