Women, Action & The Media: Report the Facts, Frame the Future.
1:45 pm13:45

Women, Action & The Media: Report the Facts, Frame the Future.

  • Barnard College

As the term “fake news” infects the country’s vernacular, our aim is to reassure people that cold, hard facts are as important as ever. Our main questions: As strong and independent media makers, what can we learn from each other? And how can we collaborate as we move forward?

Technology, Journalism & Human Rights
7:30 pm19:30

Technology, Journalism & Human Rights

  • CUNY Graduate School of Journalism

How are journalists, human rights advocates, artists, and engineers using interactive technology, virtual reality and data investigation to expose human rights violations? How can these approaches be used in partnership with impacted communities and social movements to create change? 

Join HELM Social Design Studio, for Narrative for Change, a panel discussion and exhibition exploring the intersection of technology, journalism, and human rights. This panel brings together innovators using technology in media and human rights to engage in critical discussion and share cross-sector strategies. Through the use of photography, video, and interactive technology, including 360 degree virtual tours, the Narrative for Change exhibition endeavors to create space for understanding, reflection and action on urgent social issues.

The Narrative for Change exhibition and panel discussion has been co-sponsored by HELM Studio, CUNY School of Journalism, VICE media and the Knight Foundation.

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Does the Travel Ban Really Protect American Security?
12:15 am00:15

Does the Travel Ban Really Protect American Security?

  • New America

On Thursday, April 6, join New America for an in-depth look at the travel ban and the many questions surrounding the intersection of immigration policy and counterterrorism: Does the travel ban protect American security? What role does immigration policy play in counterterrorism? How do the Trump administration’s policies impact communities and how are they linked to prior counterterrorism policies implemented under previous administrations? 

Moderating: "A New Political Landscape"
6:00 pm18:00

Moderating: "A New Political Landscape"

  • New York, NY 10018 USA

A divisive presidential election and the proliferation of fake news have created new challenges for an open and inclusive democracy. Join members of Oxonian communities for a discussion on moving forward in challenging times.

[This event is by invitation only. If you would like to attend, please contact me.]